My academic background is in Applied Linguistics, specifically TESOL and language testing. In recent years, my research interests have shifted somewhat to (language) assessment, digital literacies and education in general. I am particularly interested in the assessment of digital literacies, e-learning and e-assessment, formative assessment and assessment literacy issues. (What are digital literacies? Here's a very short explanation by Dr Steve Wheeler.)

I wrote my master's thesis on the topic of 'Test-taker discourse and assessment criteria in the OET speaking subtest', under the supervision of Prof Tim McNamara at the University of Melbourne (download a version of my thesis). I took a rather uncomplicatedly positivist approach to research then. Since beginning my PhD studies at Lancaster University, however, I have acquired a deeper understanding and appreciation of the qualitative research paradigm. 

This is a short presentation I created to illustrate my journey as a researcher.

My PhD project on the assessment of digital literacies is supervised by Dr Luke Harding. I have a separate ePortfolio for my PhD workI can also be found on and ResearchGate.

My publications:

Ellis, M., Pillai, A. D., & Chan, H. (2015). The evolution of an online writing test standardisation in a pre­service communications skills course for teachers in Singapore. ELTWO, VII. Retrieved from

My conference presentations:
  • Chan H. (2015, May). Assessing digital literacies in the Singapore language classroom. Paper presented at 2nd Asian Association for Language Assessment Conference, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Ng, S., & Chan, H. (2013, July). Formative assessment in the 21st century: Assessment and literacy practices in a FutureSchool@Singapore. Paper presented at 8th Lancaster University Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics and Language Teaching, Lancaster, UK. 
  • Wong, G., Chan, H., & Lye S. Y. (2013, June). #edsg the unPD way for teachers’ professional development. Paper presented at Redesigning Pedagogy 2013, Singapore. 
  • Yim, S. Y., Ng, S., & Chan, H. (2012, May). Assessment for learning: The case of Singapore. Paper presented at Korea English Language Testing Association (KELTA) 2012 Annual International Conference, Seoul, Korea.